Kasper Asgreen: The coolest race in Denmark.

The coolest race in Denmark


The coolest race in Denmark. Kasper Asgreen: The coolest race in Denmark. kag Photo: Quick-step Floors cycling team It was not an April Fools because Quick-Step Floors 1 April announced the contract with Kasper Asgreen.

However, it later emerged that there was collaboration in the scenes between his then manager, Bjarne Riis and Quick-Step sport director Brian Holm.

From I even heard about the contract until it was signed it went fast, actually less than a week

Told Asgreen as gpherning.dk got hold of him for a second time.

The first conversation we had with him, he was still Virtu rider and he figured even with the Grand Prix Volkswagen Herning was a race he should run as part of Virtu team.


Despite the fact that the Danish elite has become much stronger in recent years and the national accounts team has a wide race program abroad. So there is still a world of difference between being a professional cyclist on the World Tour, and one of the strongest teams in Denmark.

Therefore, it has been shown that the first contract is important for the transition.

I have been taken properly welcomed by my new teammates on Quick-Step Floor
Everyone has been incredible helpful and nice.
There have been many things that have to fall into place and taken care of, and I've got lots of help.


According Asgreen started the journey from amateur to professional a rainy Thursday in August 2017 in Herning. At the U23 championship in trial ran Asgreen in time 33 minutes and 37 seconds, just two seconds ahead of fellow countryman Mikkel Mountain and 23 seconds ahead of Frenchman Corentin Ermenault.


Here secured Asgreen the U23 European Championships time trial.

The result means everything ....

Without it, they would not have looked my way, but looked at one of the many other talented young rider around ..


DCU Cup is not open to the World Tour team and the contract with Quick-Step Floors were not part of Asgreens new race program. The race is one of the races he previously always looked forward to.

I have a free weekend and thought that the race is the coolest race in Denmark, so I want to run it .. It's a race I've run all my senior year.

This year will be my fifth start and I'm really looking forward to Saturday.

But without a team is Asgreen dependent on alliances and being spared the accident on the 28 km gravel roads.

There are not very accidentally, before you get to the back edge and it should not do that many times .....

But the free and lonely life can also prove to be an advantage compared to last year where the role of a loyal teammate resulted in 8th place.

Last year was the first time I drove the final over. We sat with a lot of good riders from my team in the front group, so when Carbel drove away, I tried to control it behind.

Spectators and fans Welcomes considering the prospect on Saturday. The weather has not much impact on Asgreen, who will try to get a result in the Danish klassikers 25th edition.

The weather is subordinate to me, GP Volkswagen Herning is a hard cycle race, no matter how the weather is, it's only the strongest riders who are left when the race finishes.

The race would like to be longer, so it's going to remind even more of a real spring classic. It would be the lira!

Ends Kasper Asgreen who start with rygnummer 92 in the blue Quick-Step Floors leotard.

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